Drink drives campaign

What benefits you can claim when abroad?

A loophole rule allowing people living abroad to claim pensions in UK is to be scrapped

Criminal legal aid bill could be further restricted by £220m as a consultation has been launched to that effect.

EU migrants need to pass eligibility test to claim unemployment and housing benefits

Lords Adoption Legislation Committee criticises governments emphasis on increasing adoption numbers

The jail sentence of a woman who faked to be a mother of a girl reduced

All work for you benefit scheme unlawful, declares appeals court

Driving licenses to be revoked instantly if drivers fail fitness test to be behind the steering wheel

Many legal aid firms pulling out of public funded work a joint survey by LSB and Law Society says

Claims management companies being reined in by the Ministry of Justice

Bankrupts would be allowed to open basic bank accounts says business minister

Why people like to go bankrupt in Britain?

Shadow immigration minister claims immigration not the cause for Britain overcrowding

A new legislation would bar wheel clampers from clamping vehicles on private land in England and Wales

Boarding Schools Association urges government to exclude pupils from net migration count

Electronic tagging on criminals is outdated and expensive says a report by think tank

Visa regulations needed to be flexible to hire the best talent in UK’s digital start up firms warns a think tank

A report says that rising culture of compensation was damaging the health and education sectors

Disabled benefit seekers under ESA would lose 70 percent of benefits a week if they do not try to get a job

A university has been stripped of its HTS status leaving thousands of student’s future in doubt

Computer data base on immigration to help track down overstayers in the UK

Chinese visitors are being put off because of stricter and expensive visa system says Culture Secretary

Majority of child sex offender are someone who the victim knows or related to the victim

David Cameron facing pressure by his ministers to take up a new move by Spain to control its borders

Much of UKBA’s policies in corporate immigration were unlawful said Supreme Court

Government not filing cases of deportation of foreign criminals for fear of losing against article 8 of Human Rights

A new scheme to direct tourists from trusted countries to separate lanes at Heathrow would start after Olympics

New Immigration regulations on family visits operational from 9 July 2012

Prime Minister is considering removing students visas from net migration count

Test for immigrants who want to become the citizens set to change from the current format

The recent cuts on non-EU students entry into UK for studying courses, notwithstanding the Home Office seems to be on a damage control mode.

UN migration representative calls for EU member states to adopt more open polices for migration

European arrest warrant being served disproportionately on minor offences says campaigners

A deported offender re enters Britain and secures his stay under article 8 of ECHR

New immigration rules changes for non EEA migrants is to come into effect from next month

Visa applications from African countries are being refused wrongly due to misinterpretation or disregard by the staff an independent report revealed

Those who bring their foreign spouse and a kid to the UK is expected to have £20000 in savings to avoid falling on benefits a new plan has been unveiled by the Home Secretary.

According to prison figures, in less than a decade, the number of European nationals who have been jailed in England and Wales has more than doubled.

Thousands of illegal immigrants being released to protect their human rights

Government has rejected the claims of British Universities that the immigration policy changes was stopping brighter students from entering into UK

Net migration levels still not under control causing an embarrassment to the Home Office

New screening for tuberculosis to screen migrants before their entry into UK which ministers say would save lives and taxpayers money

Squatting to become a criminal offence from September 1, 2012, punishable up to six months in prison and £5,000 fine

An ECHR report says the coalition had ignored the basic requirement of law while pushing through its popular policies

The dental X ray scheme to know the age of asylum seeking children has been halted just when it was due to begin

Abu Qatada’s appeal against deportation rejected by ECHR even though it accepted that his appeal was within the stipulated time frame

Right leaning thing tank warns Government of perilous consequences if reforms to social welfare schemes were carried out without giving it a thought

Child benefit has been subject to government tinkering over the past few years. Here's the low-down on how the changes affect you.

Who may be given asylum in the UK?

I have a foreign maintenance order. How can I enforce it in the UK?

How to Claim Asylum

Contact Duncan Lewis solicitors to get UK visa & work permits

Can a Refusal of My Asylum be Appealed?

Is it True That Immigrants Who Commit an Offence Face Deportation From the UK?

How Do I Know if I Can Work in the UK?

Article: Even More Deceptively Simple

Article:Court Of Appeal Underlines that Unfair Decisions will be Set Aside, Whilst Expanding the Jurisdiction of the First Tier Tribunal

Article: Having Your Cake and Eating it: Debt Relief Orders and the Public Purse

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To raise awareness of the consequences of a conviction the latest campaign would see radio adverts, pub posters and an eye catching short online film drilling the message home that motorists face heavy costs if they drink and drive.




Britons who travel or move abroad, or already living abroad can still claim some benefits but it depends on factors like where you are going and for how long.
Before leaving you need to tell your plans to the local Jobcentre Plus or the office that pays you the benefits. In case you are moving temporarily then you will have to inform when you’re coming back. And if you are moving or retiring abroad then you should tell the HMRC.




Hundreds of thousands of people living abroad were able to claim pensions in UK despite never having worked in the country it emerged.
Pensions Minister Steve Webb has said how huge numbers of people were exploiting a loophole in the law that allowed them to claim a so-called spouse’s pension even if they had made a little or no national insurance contributions.




The proposals include stopping defendants with a disposable income of more than £37,500 from automatically receiving legal aid and curbing prisoner’s right to legal aid.

It also makes way for the lawyers to compete for contracts. The Law Society, representing solicitors in England and Wales said that it could be “catastrophic”.




A new proposal to discourage EU nationals from coming into the UK is being looked into where the Prime Minister would seek migrants to prove that they have been in continuous lookout for work if they want to receive income benefits.




The House of Lords Adoption Legislation Committee in its reports has criticised the over emphasis laid by government in driving up the numbers of adoption rather than considering other routes available for permanence such as special guardianship or kinship care, for children for whom adoption may not be suitable.




Child trafficking by childless women into the country should be seen with some sympathy a top judge has ruled.
According to Lord Justice Toulson, women who break the law to bring a child into the country and their homes should be shown mercy and not treated as people traffickers.




The court of appeal has declared that almost all work-for-your-benefit schemes were unlawful due to a lack of basic information given to the unemployed.
A three-judge panel at the royal courts of justice ruled that the secretary of state for work and pensions had acted unlawfully by not giving the unemployed enough information about the penalties they faced and their rights to appeal against being made to work unpaid for, in some cases, hundreds of hours.




Drivers who are found medically unfit and not fit to sit behind the wheel would lose their licenses in matter of hours. This follows after a 16 year old girl was killed by a partially sighted 87 year old man which led to signing of a petition by 45,000 people.
Cassie McCord was hit by Colin Horsfall when she stood on the pavement, three days after he failed an eye test but still refused to surrender his license.




A joint survey by Legal Service Board and Law Society has found that more than 31 per cent of legal aid firms were considering pulling out of public funded works. The survey was conducted on 2,000 law firms providing legal aid services.

Most of the firms which were keen to pull out of the legal aid services were family law firms who a third of whom wanted to withdraw from legal aid compared to 20 per cent of those offering welfare benefits advice or 17.5 per cent of housing practices.




After a major crackdown by the Claims Management Regulations Unit at the Ministry of Justice, 352 claims management companies (CMCs) were shut down, suspended or warned for bad practices.
This included 209 companies that were shut down and their licenses cancelled. Another three CMCs were suspended and 140 were warned.




Insolvency solicitors and insolvency trade bodies have welcomed the news that the laws in England and Wales on Insolvency was going to be changed so as to allow un-discharged bankrupts find easier access to high street bank accounts.

A study had revealed that 79% of the British population agreed that un-discharged bankrupts should have access to a basic bank account.




Many would know the fact that British companies have their registered offices in Ireland to get advantage of efficient corporation taxation but very few would know that both businesses and individuals come to Britain to go bankrupt.




Shadow immigration minister Chris Bryant has dismissed the claims that Britain was overcrowded and claimed that Government attempts to curb the number of foreigners coming into the country as preposterous.
The Labour immigration spokesman’s comments were at odds with official projections that showed the country’s population was bound to move from 62.3 million a year to 70 million by 2007.




The Protection of Freedoms Act makes it an offence to clamp on private land.
The law does not affect Northern Ireland and clamping and towing away on private land has been banned in Scotland since 1992.
But landowners were boosted by stronger laws on ticketing, which would mean unpaid charges can be claimed from the keeper of the vehicle, as well as the driver.




The Boarding Schools Association (BSA) has written to the Immigration Minister Mark Harper, urging that the government should remove overseas pupils from net immigration figures lest including these pupils would risk driving them away.
It said that overseas student had brought in £510m in fees alone last year.
John Newton, head of Taunton School, said the students were temporary migrants as the government wanted the international students to be.




A study has revealed that electronic tagging of criminals had cost the government over £1billion in 13 years but was not effective in controlling them from committing crime by day.
The technology being used in tagging was outdated and was ten times more expensive than that was being in use in the US rendering offenders unmonitored when not under curfew at home the think tank Policy Exchange has said.




In the backdrop of London Metropolitan University’s legal action to overturn a decision to stop them recruiting overseas students a report has been published by a think tank which has said that the UK’s cutting edge digital start up firms needed to have more flexibility over immigration rules if they were going to be able to attract the best qualified staff.
Policy Exchange the think tank has warned that UK digital firms were at a risk of being left out of the global pool of highly skilled staff to expand because of visa restrictions.




According to a report by the think tank Centre for Policy Studies, Britain’s escalating compensation culture was bleeding the health and education services dry.
The report was critical about the increasing number of legal claims against the NHS and schools after accidents or mistakes was the reason behind the poor quality of services rather than improving the safety and accountability.




Under tough new plans drawn up by the Department of Work and Pensions sick and disabled benefit claimants could lose around 70 per cent of their weekly employment support allowance if they fail to go to job interviews or look for work.
The proposed measures are going to more than double the current fine which is £28.15 a week to £70 a week if they are found to be in breach of their agreement with their job supervisor.




The fate of more than 2000 students hangs in balance as they face deportation from Britain after the Government had withdrawn the London Metropolitan University’s right to admit and sponsor foreigners.

The institution’s website displayed that London Metropolitan University has had its Highly Trusted Status (HTS) for sponsoring international students revoked and would not be allowed to authorise visas.




A computer database for immigration is being established to lead the way in tracking down the 150,000 people who were staying in Britain illegally, it was revealed yesterday.
Bosses at the border office would be launching the project from next month to deal with the huge backlog of foreign nationals who have remained in the UK after their study or temporary visas had expired.




A leaked letter from the private secretary of Mrs Theresa May has shown that the Home Secretary was blocking plans of her cabinet colleagues, who were to make it easier for Chinese tourists to get visas, as she was worried that it would lead to a rise in organised crime
Mrs May had warned Downing Street that relaxing checks on Chinese visitors was fraught with threat to national security which would allow and bring Chinese criminals and asylum seekers to Britain.




An information provided by the Lancashire Police has shown that in majority of the cases of sexual assaults ( 38%) on children the offender were related to the child victim or someone who the child knew, often a family member.
This was more than 1 in 3 of all reported cases of sexual assaults against children in Lancashire, for which the force was able to provide data on the relationship.




A move by the Spanish government demanding proof of income from expats who want to live in Spain as its economy is floundering, similar controls are being sought by ministers in the UK.
Madrid hopes to save more than €1?billion Euros (£780?million) a year by clamping down on ‘economic migrants’ from other EU countries, including the UK.




A Supreme Court ruling last week, that the UK Border Agency policies on corporate immigration were unlawful has led to a confusion over the legal framework for UK immigration policy which seems to be in disarray.

In an unanimous decision the court ruled, that much of the UKBA’s practice and policies involving corporate immigration were unlawful because they were never put before the parliament for scrutiny as is required by the Immigration Act 1971 for incorporation into the rules rather they were being simply set out in guidance and other documents, which representation would be unlawful.




A Freedom of Information Act requests made by the Sunday Telegraph has revealed how 250 foreign killers and rapists who had served their sentences were still in Britain without their cases being considered by a court.
There was at least one terrorist, eight killers and rapists, 20 robbers and eight paedophiles who were allowed to stay last year instead of being deported and no court had decided their fate.




The Border Force would pilot a scheme which would facilitate low risk tourists from trusted countries to be directed to fast track lanes in a bid to cut queues a the Heathrow Airport after the Olympics, Damien Green the Immigration Minister said.
If the pilot becomes successful the Government would seek a reciprocal arrangement from the countries involved to make it easier for Britons travelling abroad Mr Green told MPs.




As announced by the government on 18 June 2012, the Immigration Appeals (Family Visitor) Regulations 2012 has come into force since yesterday (9 July 2012). The regulations set out qualifying criteria for people to have a right to appeal to visit their family in the UK if their visa application has been refused by the authorities.




The students coming into Britain from non EU nations were being included in the total of immigrants for calculating the net migration. The non EU students have been arriving into the UK at the rate of 225,000 a year which was being added to the immigrant population which in turn was adding to the growth to the country’s population.




The Home Secretary Theresa May has made plans to re draft Labour’s Life in UK handbook by replacing sections on how to claim benefits and the merits of the Human Rights Act with questions about British inventions and discoveries including television, radar, DNA and the internet, along with cultural landmarks such as publication of the King James Bible.




Damien Green has said that UK has been forced to launch a global charm offensive to convince foreign students it was not against immigration.
The minister said that it was necessary to shift the perception that after recent rule changes doors had closed to non-EU students.




Peter Sutherland the UN’s special representative for migration has said that EU should ensure that its member states adopted multiculturalism to make the union prosper.
He also suggested that the UK government's immigration policy had no basis in international law. He was being questioned by the Lords EU home affairs sub-committee which is investigating global migration.




A Polish single mother Natalia Gorczowska, 23, who has been detained under a European arrest warrant (EAW) is fighting an extradition battle with the authorities after she was ordered to be removed from UK to Poland.

The case of Ms Gorczowska is that she had left Poland before her suspended sentence of 10 months had expired for a minor offence of possessing 4gm of amphetamine. She was originally sentenced in December 2006.




Alfred Kryemadhi who was found guilty of wounding a man in a brutal attack was deported to his home country Kosovo by the immigration officers.
But just a month after his removal he sneaked back into Britain and reunited with his wife. She had obtained British citizenship, subsequently, for herself and her children claiming before the officials that she had separated from her husband which was found to be untrue by a judge.




From 9th of July 2012 the changes to the immigration rules which would decide the basis on which these people should be allowed to enter UK will come into effect. The rules are meant for people from outside the European Economic Area who want to enter or remain in the country is to take effect
The UK government’s programme of reform of the immigration routes follows after wide consultation and expert advice from the Migration Advisory Committee.




An independent report has stated that African national’s visas were being refused wrongly by the immigration officials on their entry into UK.
UK Border Agency’s chief inspector has admitted that the evidences were being misinterpreted or disregarded by the staff resulting in the rejection of the visas.




The Home Secretary Theresa May has told BBC that, to balance the interests of prisoners and the wider general public, judges must take into account the views of Parliament before deciding on prisoner’s deportation.
Ms May is going to call for a vote this week on the issue.




More than 50 European nationals are finding themselves behind the bars every week the figures stated.
These figures are causing alarm in Britain as most of the foreign nationals who were being put behind bars were having a spate of previously committed crimes in their names and they could enter Britain without being caught because free movement laws of European Union nationals meant they could walk in through the borders without being checked.




Several hundreds of illegal immigrants who are caught by the authorities are being release again to protect their human rights. And one in every six of those being enlarged on bail later abscond forcing the authorities to spend huge sums in catching them a second time.
The figures with internal Home Office showed that last year itself 277 of the 1,665 detained immigrants who were let off on bail later absconded.




After the Universities had warned that coalition crackdown on immigration was risking losing legitimate foreign students to other countries and losing billions of pounds worth of investments, the government rejected the claims saying that the policy was not deterring genuine students from coming into the UK.




The promises of Conservative to reduce the net migration below 100,000 by the time of the next election seems to be a far cry with the new figures published on Thursday showing annual net migration at a record high of more than 2,50,000 a year.




The Immigration Minister Damian Green has announced a new plan to screen patients with tuberculosis which over the period of ten years would not only save lives but also save taxpayers more than £40 million.
The new measures would affect those migrants who would like to enter into UK for more than six months from 67 countries which are highly prone to Tuberculosis (TB). They would need to clear the screening to get a visa to enter the UK.




From 1st September 2012 a new law would make ‘squatting’ a criminal offence with squatter’s facing up to £5,000 fine and a six-month prison sentence.
Landlords were "relieved" that squatting was soon to become a criminal offence in the UK. In a statement issued by the Landlord Syndicate this week, the support centre welcomed the news that squatters were liable to criminal prosecution.




The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) said it was not able to establish whether the coalition had checked its recommendation meant for vulnerable people though it was a legal necessity.




The controversial dental X ray checks to determine the age of child asylum seekers by the UK Border Agency has been suspended and advice on the legality of the scheme is being sought for.
The pilot scheme which was to begin at the end of March but criticised vehemently by health professionals was stalled the Home Office just 24 hours before it was due to begin.




Though the timing of Abu Qatada’s arrest had gone wrong the European Court of Human Rights has ruled that his deportation can be processed.
The court lifted the legal blocks on home secretary’s attempts to deport the cleric to Jordan.




Two pressure groups supposed to be leaning right has said that the middle classes should not expect help with care home bills.
The Centre for Social Justice the think tank set up by former Tory le




Families who had to contend with increased living costs and hard time over the past few years are to contend with, the government’s innumerable changes to child benefit with many having been left wors




Duncan Lewis:There are many reasons why someone may wish to claim asylum in the UK, and all applications are carefully considered on their individual merits, with a dedicated caseworker assigned to each applicant to help them through the process and explain what is going on at each stage.




Duncan Lewis:The CSA (Child Support Agency) is the agency that deals with child maintenance when both a child and its parents are living in the UK. When one of the parents is living abroad, this can be a bit trickier but there is legislation in place to deal with cases where a maintenance order has been issued abroad. Family and childcare solicitors, such as Duncan Lewis, will be happy to give help and advice relating to this and other legal matters.




Duncan Lewis:In the UK, claims for asylum are handled by the UK Border Agency. The complexity of asylum law is such that it is essential to secure the services of a firm of immigration solicitors at the earliest opportunity so that they can present your case expertly on your behalf, as otherwise the claim will stand little chance of succeeding. Solicitors such as Duncan Lewis have great expertise in this area and will be able to smooth the Byzantine complexities of asylum law to a large degree and help you understand your options and the ramifications of any decisions you make. The Law Society will have all the contact information to hand.

Be ready to answer a range of probing questions by your solicitor as he or she prepares your case. They will need to know when you arrived in the UK and when you left home; how you came in; why you left; if you are afraid to go back and why, and your family circumstances. They will also need to see any documents you were supplied with by the UK Border Agency, and know about any documents you were told to complete and return, and their deadlines.

From these essential facts your solicitor can start building up your case for claiming asylum. When you obtain your claim form he will help you complete it and will be able to write any formal statements necessary, and assist in many other ways to make your claim as effective as possible.

The crux of the issue when claiming asylum is that you have to prove to officials’ satisfaction that there is a real danger that you will suffer some form of persecution if you return to your home country, and that its government will not protect you. Humanitarian Protection applies to those who feel they would be punished if they returned home. Your solicitor can explain the various types of asylum, and whether you have a strong enough case to proceed.

You should apply for asylum as quickly as you can – perhaps at the point of arrival – or go to the Asylum Screening Unit in Croydon if you are already here. At the screening interview you tell an official the details of why you are claiming asylum and your fingerprints and photograph will be taken. Once this has been done you will get an ARC (Application Registration Card) which is proof that you have made an asylum claim; you will need to prove your identity, and should speak to your solicitor if you cannot do this.

Following the screening interview there may be subsequent interviews that are more in-depth, and a statement of evidence form may need to be completed. This is best done by your solicitor as it needs to be thorough and returned within ten days.

A Case Owner from the Home Office will then handle your claim from that point on, and he or she will sort out appeals and housing and welfare matters as well as helping you settle in the UK if your claim is successful.




Obtaining UK Visa or work permit is a Herculean task. The UK government has laid down stringent legal procedures and requires one to fulfil all the formalities in order to qualify for the UK visa and work permit. If you are interested in getting the UK visa or work permit, contact Duncan Lewis solicitors.




Duncan Lewis:Applications for asylum are made under the guidance and direction of an individual case worker who liaises with the applicant through the course of the process. Should it turn out that the application is unsuccessful, this case worker will tell the applicant whether he or she has a right to make an appeal against the decision and, if so, how this is to be done





Duncan Lewis:In some cases, foreign nationals may be subject to deportation from the UK. Deportation orders are a provision of UK immigration law that can be used to deal with foreign nationals under certain circumstances. When a deportation order is issued the individual will be removed forcibly from the UK, and may also be held in custody until they are removed. The individual to whom a deportation order is issued will not be able to return to the UK whilst it remains in force. This will replace any leave to remain that the individual had formerly obtained, such as a visa.




Duncan Lewis:Whether or not you are allowed to take up work in the UK will largely be determined by where you have come from. People who are not British citizens or citizens of EEA (European Economic Area) countries will have to get a visa to enter the UK.




This article considers the position where an application for leave to enter or remain in the United Kingdom may fail under the second limb of para 322(1A) of the Immigration Rules:




Those who deal regularly with the UK Border Agency will sadly be accustomed to receiving unfair decisions, which can have a devastating impact upon the lives of their clients, no matter how blameless they may be. Sometimes UKBA act in a manner that is designed to avoid an appeal against the decision until the applicant has returned overseas. What remedies are available in these circumstances?




Part V of the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 and the Insolvency Act 1986 gives an applicant the right to apply for a debt relief order ('DRO').




Duncan Lewis is one of the largest and most respected Immigration Departments in the UK. Our broad knowledge and vast experience in general immigration, business immigration and asylum law is second to none.

The Duncan Lewis extensive Immigration Team consists of specialised staff providing help in a variety of different languages.

All Solicitors and caseworkers dealing with public funded immigration work at Duncan Lewis complete the Law Society’s Immigration & Asylum Accreditation Scheme, which is mandatory to perform immigration related work for clients.

Duncan Lewis offer our clients a personal service at very affordable rates for advice on private immigration related matters.

The Duncan Lewis team deal with issues where Public Funding (formerly Legal Aid) may be available, for example, applications for political asylum.

The Company can offer assistance with General Immigration, Refugee & Asylum Immigration including Detention Centres, Work Permits and Visas and Business Immigration. We have included some examples of the types of immigration matters we can assist with under each main category.

General Immigration

Duncan Lewis solicitors can assist clients with the following types of legal matters under General Immigration.
• Deportation/Illegal Entry
• EEA Association Agreement Applications • Entry Clearance
• EU Residence Applications
• Outside the Rules Applications
• Family Reunions
• Judicial Review
• Married and Unmarried Partner Concession Application and Appeals
• Naturalisation
• Overstaying or illegally in UK
• Port Emergencies • Sponsorship
• Spouses & Partners
• Students
• Travel Document Applications

Refugee & Asylum Law

Duncan Lewis solicitors assist and represent asylum seekers from all over the world, at all legal stages from interviews to appeals. Our experienced team assists a variety of clients including children; mental health patients; HIV/AIDS patients and victims of torture who require expert representation. We conduct:

• Asylum Applications, Inter- views and Appeals to Tribunal and High Court
• Bail Applications
• Detention Centre Visits
• Applications for Exceptional Leave to Remain
• High Court Judicial Review Applications
• Human Rights Appeals
• National Asylum Support Service (NASS) Appeals

Visas & Work Permits

Duncan Lewis solicitors have extensive experience of preparing and submitting visa applications. Examples of visas are listed below.

• Ancestry Visa
• Ankara Agreement
• Au-pair Visa
• Business Visa
• Elderly Dependant Visa
• Extending or varying a visa
• Highly Skilled Migrant Programme
• Holiday Maker Visa
• Medical Visa
• Sector Based Scheme
• Spouse Visa
• Student Visa
• Visiting Visa
• Work Permit

Duncan Lewis & Co. has been awarded a Category 1 Franchise from the Legal Services Commission. The quality of our work is repeatedly demonstrated by the very high success rates achieved in cases that we take on. We strive to make our services as accessible as possible to everyone including taking on some cases on a pro-bono basis where legal aid is not available.

To book an appointment please contact Duncan Lewis New Client Co-ordinators on 0800 740 8081.

Duncan Lewis has offices in the following locations in London and the Home Counties:-

Duncan Lewis – Clapham Junction
Duncan Lewis – Dalston
Duncan Lewis – Harrow
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Duncan Lewis – Shepherds Bush

For more information please visit the Duncan Lewis home page at www.duncanlewis.co.uk

Duncan Lewis is the trading name of Duncan Lewis (Solicitors) Limited.




Get UK visa & work permits quickly and easily with the help of Duncan lewis

Every year, hundreds and thousands of people apply for the UK visa to live and work there. The UK is one such place that has tremendous opportunities for individual job seekers and business owners who wish to start up their private business venture in this thriving world economy.

However, getting UK visa is not that easy. One needs to fulfil several formalities in order to get the visa and work permit. If you are looking forward to get UK work permit, it is advisable to avail the services of a renowned agency or firm that offers immigration related services. Such firms have expertise and knowledge to handle immigration related formalities and help their clients get UK visa and work permit in a quick and efficient manner.




If you have used our service, we would like you to spend a few moments to comment upon the service you have received from our lawyers at Duncan Lewis. Please do not include any personal and confidential information about your case. Please however comment upon the service received from the solicitor(s) who assisted you and whether you were satisfied with the service that was provided to you at Duncan Lewis. Do also mention the department and name of the solicitor(s) who advised and assisted you. Any suggestions for improvement of our service will also be helpful. Thank you for your time.




If you have used our service, we would like you to spend a few moments to comment upon the service you have received from our lawyers at Duncan Lewis. Please do not include any personal and confidential information about your case. Please however comment upon the service received from the solicitor(s) who assisted you and whether you were satisfied with the service that was provided to you at Duncan Lewis. Do also mention the department and name of the solicitor(s) who advised and assisted you. Any suggestions for improvement of our service will also be helpful. Thank you for your time.