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I fled Iran as I was being beaten due to my sexuality I came to the UK in fear of my life. I was claimed asylum and subsequently met my partner. He is a UK national, but I still had issues with my asylum case. I contacted Duncan Lewis rwith my problem and I visited Partner Alice Boyle about my immigration matter.

I was pleased that a partner was working on my case and she listened and acted for me in the best possible way. It has been over 18 months since my case has been ongoing and last week I found out that my application was successful. I am still with my partner and I hope that when I need to renew my visa I can work to get indefinite leave to remain in the UK with him.

There are many people I have met along the way who were struggling just like me. I had been to many solicitors in the past who had jusdged me for who I am. I felt very relaxed with Alice and she was kind enough to listen to my problems without judging me for that I am very grateful. I can see that Duncan Lewis look after their clients well no matter where they are from.