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According to a report by the think tank Centre for Policy Studies, Britain’s escalating compensation culture was bleeding the health and education services dry.
The report was critical about the increasing number of legal claims against the NHS and schools after accidents or mistakes was the reason behind the poor quality of services rather than improving the safety and accountability.




The fate of more than 2000 students hangs in balance as they face deportation from Britain after the Government had withdrawn the London Metropolitan University’s right to admit and sponsor foreigners.

The institution’s website displayed that London Metropolitan University has had its Highly Trusted Status (HTS) for sponsoring international students revoked and would not be allowed to aut




A computer database for immigration is being established to lead the way in tracking down the 150,000 people who were staying in Britain illegally, it was revealed yesterday.
Bosses at the border office would be launching the project from next month to deal with the huge backlog of foreign nationals who have remained in the UK after their study or temporary visas had expired.
Notices would




An information provided by the Lancashire Police has shown that in majority of the cases of sexual assaults ( 38%) on children the offender were related to the child victim or someone who the child knew, often a family member.
This was more than 1 in 3 of all reported cases of sexual assaults against children in Lancashire, for which the force was able to provide data on the relationship.




A move by the Spanish government demanding proof of income from expats who want to live in Spain as its economy is floundering, similar controls are being sought by ministers in the UK.
Madrid hopes to save more than €1?billion Euros (£780?million) a year by clamping down on ‘economic migrants’ from other EU countries, including the UK.
A new ministerial order, slipped out by the Spanish g




A Supreme Court ruling last week, that the UK Border Agency policies on corporate immigration were unlawful has led to a confusion over the legal framework for UK immigration policy which seems to be in disarray.

In an unanimous decision the court ruled, that much of the UKBA’s practice and policies involving corporate immigration were unlawful because they were never put before the parli




A Freedom of Information Act requests made by the Sunday Telegraph has revealed how 250 foreign killers and rapists who had served their sentences were still in Britain without their cases being considered by a court.
There was at least one terrorist, eight killers and rapists, 20 robbers and eight paedophiles who were allowed to stay last year instead of being deported and no court had decide




The Border Force would pilot a scheme which would facilitate low risk tourists from trusted countries to be directed to fast track lanes in a bid to cut queues a the Heathrow Airport after the Olympics, Damien Green the Immigration Minister said.
If the pilot becomes successful the Government would seek a reciprocal arrangement from the countries involved to make it easier for Britons travelli




As announced by the government on 18 June 2012, the Immigration Appeals (Family Visitor) Regulations 2012 has come into force since yesterday (9 July 2012). The regulations set out qualifying criteria for people to have a right to appeal to visit their family in the UK if their visa application has been refused by the authorities.
These regulations change the appeal rights of family visit visa




The students coming into Britain from non EU nations were being included in the total of immigrants for calculating the net migration. The non EU students have been arriving into the UK at the rate of 225,000 a year which was being added to the immigrant population which in turn was adding to the growth to the country’s population.
The stringent visa regulations which were planned for control




The Home Secretary Theresa May has made plans to re draft Labour’s Life in UK handbook by replacing sections on how to claim benefits and the merits of the Human Rights Act with questions about British inventions and discoveries including television, radar, DNA and the internet, along with cultural landmarks such as publication of the King James Bible.
Knowledge of key historical facts and cha




Damien Green has said that UK has been forced to launch a global charm offensive to convince foreign students it was not against immigration.
The minister said that it was necessary to shift the perception that after recent rule changes doors had closed to non-EU students.
He has made a plea that students should come to the UK for pursuing studies as it had got some of the world's best uni




Peter Sutherland the UN’s special representative for migration has said that EU should ensure that its member states adopted multiculturalism to make the union prosper.
He also suggested that the UK government's immigration policy had no basis in international law. He was being questioned by the Lords EU home affairs sub-committee which is investigating global migration.
Mr Sutherland, is




A Polish single mother Natalia Gorczowska, 23, who has been detained under a European arrest warrant (EAW) is fighting an extradition battle with the authorities after she was ordered to be removed from UK to Poland.

The case of Ms Gorczowska is that she had left Poland before her suspended sentence of 10 months had expired for a minor offence of possessing 4gm of amphetamine. She was ori




Alfred Kryemadhi who was found guilty of wounding a man in a brutal attack was deported to his home country Kosovo by the immigration officers.
But just a month after his removal he sneaked back into Britain and reunited with his wife. She had obtained British citizenship, subsequently, for herself and her children claiming before the officials that she had separated from her husband which wa




From 9th of July 2012 the changes to the immigration rules which would decide the basis on which these people should be allowed to enter UK will come into effect. The rules are meant for people from outside the European Economic Area who want to enter or remain in the country is to take effect
The UK government’s programme of reform of the immigration routes follows after wide consultation




An independent report has stated that African national’s visas were being refused wrongly by the immigration officials on their entry into UK.
UK Border Agency’s chief inspector has admitted that the evidences were being misinterpreted or disregarded by the staff resulting in the rejection of the visas.
The chief John Vine said that visas were being rejected for not providing information w




The Home Secretary Theresa May has told BBC that, to balance the interests of prisoners and the wider general public, judges must take into account the views of Parliament before deciding on prisoner’s deportation.
Ms May is going to call for a vote this week on the issue.
The rule of right to family life which is enshrined in the European law has seen hundreds of foreign criminals being a




More than 50 European nationals are finding themselves behind the bars every week the figures stated.
These figures are causing alarm in Britain as most of the foreign nationals who were being put behind bars were having a spate of previously committed crimes in their names and they could enter Britain without being caught because free movement laws of European Union nationals meant they could




Several hundreds of illegal immigrants who are caught by the authorities are being release again to protect their human rights. And one in every six of those being enlarged on bail later abscond forcing the authorities to spend huge sums in catching them a second time.
The figures with internal Home Office showed that last year itself 277 of the 1,665 detained immigrants who were let off on ba




After the Universities had warned that coalition crackdown on immigration was risking losing legitimate foreign students to other countries and losing billions of pounds worth of investments, the government rejected the claims saying that the policy was not deterring genuine students from coming into the UK.
The government said that there was no threat to the British Universities because of th




The promises of Conservative to reduce the net migration below 100,000 by the time of the next election seems to be a far cry with the new figures published on Thursday showing annual net migration at a record high of more than 2,50,000 a year.
The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said the politically sensitive figure for net migration, the number of people coming to stay in the UK for lon




The Immigration Minister Damian Green has announced a new plan to screen patients with tuberculosis which over the period of ten years would not only save lives but also save taxpayers more than £40 million.
The new measures would affect those migrants who would like to enter into UK for more than six months from 67 countries which are highly prone to Tuberculosis (TB). They would need to cl




From 1st September 2012 a new law would make ‘squatting’ a criminal offence with squatter’s facing up to £5,000 fine and a six-month prison sentence.
Landlords were "relieved" that squatting was soon to become a criminal offence in the UK. In a statement issued by the Landlord Syndicate this week, the support centre welcomed the news that squatters were liable to criminal prosecution.




The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) said it was not able to establish whether the coalition had checked its recommendation meant for vulnerable people though it was a legal necessity.
It said that in vital areas of policy, the government appeared to set aside equality legislation in the rush to push through eye catching policies. Under the law, ministers had to determine the effect




The controversial dental X ray checks to determine the age of child asylum seekers by the UK Border Agency has been suspended and advice on the legality of the scheme is being sought for.
The pilot scheme which was to begin at the end of March but criticised vehemently by health professionals was stalled the Home Office just 24 hours before it was due to begin.
Now an MP has demanded the p




Though the timing of Abu Qatada’s arrest had gone wrong the European Court of Human Rights has ruled that his deportation can be processed.
The court lifted the legal blocks on home secretary’s attempts to deport the cleric to Jordan.
With the appeal of Abu Qatada rejected the Home Secretary Theresa May would be making renewed attempt to deport the cleric.
May said that she was pleased




Two pressure groups supposed to be leaning right has said that the middle classes should not expect help with care home bills.
The Centre for Social Justice the think tank set up by former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith said that the poor and vulnerable should come at the front of the queue for state assistance while the government set its priorities right.
Its report said the care system w




Families who had to contend with increased living costs and hard time over the past few years are to contend with, the government’s innumerable changes to child benefit with many having been left worse off.
Child benefit or 'child tax credit' as is known now, is a welcome addition to a family’s income and can make a significant difference to the finances each month.
In the 2010 Budget th