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Contact Duncan Lewis solicitors to get UK visa & work permits

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Obtaining UK Visa or work permit is a Herculean task. The UK government has laid down stringent legal procedures and requires one to fulfil all the formalities in order to qualify for the UK visa and work permit. If you are interested in getting the UK visa or work permit, contact Duncan Lewis solicitors.

Duncan Lewis solicitors possess unmatchable knowledge about the UK immigration issues, visas, and work permits. They have extensive experience in preparing and submitting visa applications. Some of the visas that are being handled by the law firm include, ancestry visa, business visa, elderly dependant visa, highly skilled migrant programme, medical visa, holiday maker visa, spouse visa, student visa, visiting visa, Au-Pair visa, Ankara visa, and work permit.

Duncan Lewis & Co. has been awarded a Category 1 Franchise from the Legal Services Commission. The quality of their work is repeatedly demonstrated by the very high success rates being achieved by them in cases that they take on. By entrusting the task to the Duncan Lewis solicitors you can rest assured that your non-refundable visa application fee won’t go waste. In fact, you would get the most out of it since the immigration solicitors would get you the UK visa quickly and easily.