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Visa applications from African countries are being refused wrongly due to misinterpretation or disregard by the staff an independent report revealed

Date: (14 June 2012)    |    

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An independent report has stated that African national’s visas were being refused wrongly by the immigration officials on their entry into UK.
UK Border Agency’s chief inspector has admitted that the evidences were being misinterpreted or disregarded by the staff resulting in the rejection of the visas.
The chief John Vine said that visas were being rejected for not providing information which was not asked for during the process of application before.
The staff in UK embassy in Algeria has said that due to the delay in visa processing UK was getting reputation damage.
The case in Nigeria had led to errors which let some 14 visa holders to get indefinite leave to stay in the UK when the usual practice was of 27 months.
Mr Vine’s findings have been acknowledged by the UKBA which said it would improve the training of staff to handle visa processing.
The inspection of Mr Vine was done in between May and July of 2011 at four UKBA centres, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and Croydon in South London which processes the visas from Algeria.
He said that except in Croydon where applications of Algeria were being processed other centers were doing well.
Despite his recommendations with regard to Croydon having been accepted by the UKBA nothing substantial has been done to improve the situation at Croydon he said.
He added that he wanted to see the recommendations to be implemented to improve the quality of services and consistency in decision making.
The UKBA said that it was taking the independent chief inspectors findings seriously and were taking up reforms such as providing detailed guidelines to the applicants and giving training to the staff to improve processing visas.